My showreel consists of animation works focused around Cartoony-style combative animation, Body mechanics, Acting & Performance and Two characters fight-scene.

The stylized animation was inspired by “Demon Slayer:Kimestsu No Yaiba” anime from one of the episodic scenes. I wanted to try cartoony animation, so it was the perfect opportunity to explore & experiment and use my creative ideas upon an existing anime scene.

The second piece is focused on Body Mechanics. I wanted to push myself more than it just being a “typical” body mechanics. The concept for this is that the character is on the run for stealing a diamond and trying to evade the police. I’ve used references of parkours and combined two of the videos as one along with a draw-over of few poses that I had in mind

The dialogue scene is acting & performance. The idea of two characters; one being the confident and cocky(first character) while the other being clumsy and laid-back(second character) where the first character is waiting outside of the second character’s building to pick him up. I had to shoot my own reference for both of the characters and the acting choices were made accordingly to a pre-existed movie dialogue.

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