Within my time at university, I have focused on developing my 3D Animation skills across multiple projects, including a group short film and two individual projects.

Throughout the short film, I took the role of Lead Animator, Cinematographer, and Editor, using previous film study experience to guide my decision-making. A link to the entire short film can be found at: https://vimeo.com/551669602

Below you can find a making-of reel, showcasing the steps and progression of my work across the project.


Throughout my final year project, I created an animation reel showcasing two animation projects that highlight character performance. I’ve animated a section from a broadway musical number alongside a chase sequence framed within one shot.

The musical sequence was a stylised piece, including the choreography and vocal performance from the official production of ‘Hamilton’. The chase sequence demonstrates a character’s performance in a high intense situation.

Through this project, I’ve learned to adapt a pre-existing performance to another style as well as delivering a satisfying acting performance during an action sequence.

Below is my current animation showreel, showcasing pieces from this project and previous.

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