Throughout this past year, I have focused on improving and refining my skills as a character animator. Here you’ll see some of my best work from my final year studies; a group project and an individual project.

For my Short Film Production module earlier this year, I took on the roles of Co-Director/Co-Producer and Lead Animator for our short film ‘A.I.D.A’, a story about a robot who encounters natural life for the first time in their existence. Though, before they can fully appreciate this wonderous thing, they’re quickly reset in order to forget. This project was a real learning curve for me and I got to explore many different areas of the animation pipeline, being responsible for animating the human character ‘Amanda’ as well as rigging both ‘A.I.D.A’ and the dandelion. Below you can watch my ‘Making of Reel’ for ‘A.I.D.A’ which showcases all of my contributions towards the project.

You can watch the full film here:

As part of my Final Year Project module, I produced a set of two high quality animations covering two different styles; performance acting and body mechanics. The first one is centered around two characters engaged in a tense conversation and the second is a character moving through an interior space, singing and dancing to a piece of music. Both projects pushed me to create my best work and I learnt a lot about different areas of the pipeline along the way including lighting scenes and working with cameras. While both pieces are going to be improved upon, I had a ton of fun developing each piece from pre-production to post-production and I am proud of the outcome I achieved. Below is the short ‘Progress Reel’ I created to show my full development process.

Once I have spent some time polishing each piece a bit more, I will post updated versions. If you would like to see each piece standalone, they’re on my LinkedIn profile!

Finally, here is my most recent student showreel which features both of these projects as well as a couple of others that I have worked on and am most proud of. I hope to be updating it again soon with some newer projects as I plan on working with quadrapeds, creatures and new styles of animation in the coming months but I am happy to show you all what I have currently.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, I really appreciate it! Please do not hesistate to get in contact if you would like to chat more, I am most active on LinkedIn.

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