Taking inspiration from Wolfenstein, I am proud to show my final year project ‘Revolution denied’. This project shows the state of a street in old London if the Nazis had won the war. Although many try to revolt, this act of disorder is denied by the new Nazi ruling. Interested in more? check out some other projects of mine over on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/nextgenluke

The goal of the project is to tell a story through the environment alone, along with small animations and creative lighting to aid with the viewer’s interpretation of what may be occurring. Although many days of hard work were poured into this project, it was a joy to see it come to life before my eyes. Despite some challenges, including learning new concepts, how to animate and take advantage of all the resources I had available, I feel it shows the baseline of what I have to offer, giving me confidence that my future will be full of improvement, learning new skills quickly and working within a strict time limit.

I am happy with the work that I have managed to achieve during my short time within university, allowing me to delve deeper into my passions as an artist, to now take the next steps into building a career within the industry. This scene helped push my independent skills and allowed me to become confident in my ability to quickly learn, adapt and create, quickly picking up new software and abilities within such small amounts of time, and not backing down to this large piece of work I set for myself to achieve, resulting in a game ready, dynamic, scene, telling a unique story.

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I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I had enjoyed creating it!

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