Aiming to explore the effectiveness of the 3rd person camera view within VR, I’ve developed a 3rd person VR shooter game with 1st person puzzle elements. The goal of the project was to develop a game that helped understand the 3rd person camera’s effectiveness when compared to the 1st person camera. The game involves the player entering a game engine to try and destroy a virus that’s wreaking havoc on the level.  The player has to progress through the level by shooting enemies in 3rd person mode and solving bridge puzzles in 1st person mode, all within VR.

Whilst developing this game in UE4, comfort and accessibility was a high priority alongside game-feel and overall enjoyment due to the VR nature and 3rd person camera view. Visual scripting/blueprints were used to create the game logic alongside extensively using blueprint interfaces for effective communication without impacting performance.

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Video may be a bit laggy due to recording and playing VR being taxing on the CPU.

Thank you for viewing my work! If you’d like to see more, take a look at my portfolio down below. If you’d like to see a description of my project in a poster form, take a look at the poster link below.


Poster: ADANIELS_Poster

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