Farm House from First semester of final year

A Quaint Village is a passion project made final project for university, that takes bunny elements to create a small whimsical community. Stemming from first semester work on a separate module, my final year project explored a universe I created, looking at how a shop may look in a village filled with bunny motifs and pastel colour schemes.

The Aim of the project was to conduct research into a professional pipeline for a Concept Artist, and using these pipelines to effectively create design sheets and concepts that would be informative to 3D modellers. Breaking down each element in its completeness in order to inform outer readers. By conducting this research, I am gaining outside knowledge on what is fully expected of me in industry, helping to inform and form a portfolio that will be beneficial to me and easily readable to others.

This project consists of digital painting work using photoshop, informed by 3D models created in Blender. Using light sources from blender, I have been able to create realistic settings with a sense of depth, while giving some creative lenience to shadows and light sources. I hope you enjoy looking through my pieces and development work.

Have a wonderful day!


Callouts & Breakdowns

Sketches & 3D Block-outs

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