Pokemon Beat

Kanto Trainer

Rival Silver

Hoenn Gym Battle

Team Galactic Commander

Driftveil City

Kalos Legendary Pokemon

Rival Gladion

Galar Battle Tower

Champion Cynthia

The video and audio above shows the project I worked on for my Final Year Project module.
I used a plugin by PhoenixMarket as the basis for the project, and made my own arrangements of classic and modern Pokemon music based on the original tunes and other arrangements around the internet by Jompa, Sakib66, JDMEK5, Tangy, MaruPiano, ShinkoNet & Winged Souls. The 3D stadium in the background is by VenCreations, but I created the Pokéball textures for the individual beats myself, along with designing the UI and making a working jukebox feature.

Each song was chosen to represent the player’s journey throughout the mainline Pokemon games, and every song is inspired by the region they are from. For example, the Rival Gladion theme uses a Hawaiian steel guitar and choir to reference the vocals used in Pokemon Sun & Moon’s opening and Champion themes, along with a Koto to include the influences that the Kanto region had on the Alola region.

My aim was to recreate the pieces of music that I loved the most throughout the series, but also putting my own spin on them, along with providing the player with a lively and nostalgic experience.

Frog Of War

Main Theme – Battle Boogie

Attack Phase – Sword Swing

Discovery Phase (Synth Version)

Discovery Phase (No Synth Version)

Menu Music 1

Menu Music 2

Victory Jingle

For my Beta Arcade Module, my task was to create the entire sound track for Frog Of War, a game where players gather weapons to fight to the death in last-frog-standing combat. As such, all the songs above are entirely my own compositions, and the songs I enjoyed creating the most were the main theme and the attack phase theme. This project let me develop my knowledge of old fashioned music styles, such as swing, boogie woogie and marches, combining them with more modern versions of the styles (e.g. electro-swing) and also infused a frog theming throughout.

A Deer Named Cow

Piano Introduction

Objective Complete

In my Upskill module, I improved upon my knowledge of creating audio for games with Wwise and REAPER by making this short level in UE4. I learnt how to sync up hoofbeat sound effects with the running animation of the deer, along with learning how to loop audio and how to create a natural, yet melancholic atmosphere with music. Both pieces are original, and the opening notes of the piano are inspired by Toby Fox’s “Waterfall” from Undertale.

Castle Of The Dead

Chance In Hell Part 1

During the Journeyman project in Year 2, I had to create a piece of music for our vertical slice trailer. This trailer was for Castle of the Dead, a VR-based prequel to the House of the Dead series, and to make the audio I used the Garage Band app to create a medley of House of the Dead songs. The music for this trailer is much darker and foreboding than the original game’s music, however, conveying just how much danger the player is in exploring the castle.

Along with the above music, I also did the level design of some of the castle hallways, along with some of the camera work, particularly in showing off the zombie king and his throne room.

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