Barbarian Shaman, XGen real time hair – ELEANOR BOOTH

My current project develops the barbarian shaman concept by Russell Dongjun Lu  with the aim of improving my skills for creating realistic anatomy and clothing. I created the high poly in ZBrush and hand sculpted all the items so that I could capture the organic nature of the concept, focusing on adding the weathered detail to make the items appear aged. I have really enjoyed working on a realistic character and seeing the personality of the piece emerge with every imperfection.

I am currently working to finish the textures in Substance Painter and placing the feathers that I created in XGen and converted into low poly cards, around the shoulders.

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I decided to challenge myself with learning the basics of real time hair generation using XGen to create a Viking hairstyle. I first created the desired effect of the hair strands in XGen using splines and shaped them so that the cards would intertwine and give depth to the style which I could then layer on the model using deformers to bend and twist the cards around the head and create the intricate braids. I have a lot of experience of braiding my own hair in this mannerr which gave me a better understanding of how the hair is collected from the roots and pulled into the braid.

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