This is a summarized version of a Business Intelligence report

Dataset: Northwind Database

Description of the dataset: The dataset – Northwind Database, is of a fictitious company – Northwind Traders that imports and exports specialty foods. The data shows details of transactions between Northwind traders and its customers.

Executive Summary

The company maintained its overall good performance in the 4th quarter (Q4) as can be seen with the steady growth from the Q1 of the year through to the period under review. All KPIs are positive and the Q4 growth surpasses the revenue target by over 50%. The Produce and the Meat/Poultry categories are the poorest performing ones. Generally, the company performance was better than expected as can be seen from the analyzed data.

Key findings

  • For the Q4 the overall sales were up 34.9% when compared to the 3rd
  • The Confectionary category still remained the best category by sales volume, net revenue and in other indices.
  • Sales in the produce category has remained poor over the period under review.
  • Customers maintained a strong positive response to the discount regime. Messer Save-a-Lot-Markets lived up to their promise to up their sales if more discount was granted.
  • Sales volume is directly proportional to the number of discounts granted
  • Orders experienced incremental growth across quarters.


Revenue: The gross revenue (GR), net revenue, and all the other indicators have steadily increased from Q1 to Q4. For the period under review (Q4) the GR is $116,000,000.00 and $89,000,000.00 in Q3.

Revenue Overview
Revenue Overview

Sales: The company’s total orders saw an increase of about 17% rising from 103 inQ3 to 120. The total quantity of products sold increased from 107,070 items in the Q3 to 136,259 in the Q4.

Sales Overview
Sales Overview

Customers: Customers maintained a strong positive response to the discount regime. Messer Save-a-Lot-Markets lived up to their promise to up their sales if more discounts were granted, they remained our top customer for Q4 while Messers Ana Trujillo Emparedados was our lowest-performing customer in terms of patronage, they received no discount offers.

Customer Overview
Customer Overview

KPIs: KPIs only dashboard


Employees: Leverling Janet remained the year’s overall best staff in performance with a sales figure of $53M. She is closely followed by Peacock Margaret with $51M

Employee Overview
Employee Overview

Conclusions and Recommendations

In conclusion, the report showed that the company experienced a good year with steady and positive growth in all the indices measured and reviewed.

Another staff hire should be considered for the western zone to join Leverling Janet as she is the only staff in the region. The additional staff should be able to improve sales performance. An intensive discount drive should be considered for Poland, Norway and Argentina. There are presently zero discounts being offered in these countries and with a combined total net revenue of less than $1M; an intervention is necessary. The unavailability of grants might be the cause of the poor sales being experienced. Discount requests from other customers should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Marketing campaigns targeted at the Dairy category should be intensified in the northern region. The drop of about 20% in revenue is not normal at this time of the year. This should be investigated.

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