I will upload part of my graduation project

My final portoflio is an art book that combines ancient Chinese fairy tales and kung fu , which contains 3 character design and one animal design.

服装设计 女主角英雄和女英雄

Professional Practice

FROSTBunny Studios are looking for a 2D artist to join their studio to help them produce artwork for their up-and -coming mobile game.I need to make several designs that fit the content of the game.First of all, I searched for some information and pictures about mobile games on the website.


Drawing for games and animation  

My project concept was inspired by The call of Cthulhu (The Call of Cthulhu ,1928), a thriller by H.p Lovecraft.(Howard Phillips Lovecraft ,1890—1937) The whole book introduced full of strange, indescribable monsters, and I was so interested in these fantastic creatures that I started thinking about the fantasy creatures in my mind.


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