My Portfolio is a collection of my own personal studies and class work. I wanted to look at weight, especially in creatures, I did this by studying gymnastics on the balance beam and a simple dog trot. The balance beam helped me understand the importance of timing and IK controls. The ‘Dog Trot’ was also fun to experiment with, it was one of my first attempts at a quadruped and I feel like I really achieved that ‘spring’ in the dog’s step. This was also a piece where I got to add a bit of personality to a character and although I did a generic happy dog, I really enjoyed animating his ears bouncing and his tail wagging.

The overall purpose of this showreel was to set myself up for my Final Year Project. I knew that I was going to creatures and characters miming out actions, so I wanted to prepare for that, and I also got my first experience of making a showreel.


Throughout my final year, I worked in a team of four to create the short film AIDA. I was Co-Director of this project and I took on more of a generalist role. I explored and had experience in every part of the pipeline, from pre-production to post-production. This included drawing up character and environment concepts, animating the main character ‘AIDA’, lighting the scene, and then doing some basic compositing. The project was created entirely online due to Covid-19, but I am very proud of my team for pulling through and doing their best despite the circumstances.


For my Final Year Project, I created two animations of a creature fight and a character acting sequence.

For my fight, I chose the rigs carefully as I wanted a dynamic between the two creatures. I knew I wanted a bigger, heavier character that would move more slowly, and a smaller, nimble creature that would aggravate the larger one.

This is what I was building up to with my portfolio at the start. I aimed to implement more weight and really exaggerate it throughout the course of my studies, and although it was a challenge, it is one that I am glad I took.


Thank you, for taking the time to look through my showreels, I am always available via my email and LinkedIn.

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