Computing Project Research Paper – Krzysztof Wnuk

Hi, my name is Krzysztof Wnuk and this is my undergraduate research paper that focuses on the comparison and contrast of the threat models in cybersecurity with a proven hypothesis that you can use chosen threat models and get sufficient results in your penetration testing scenario. It was initially thought that you cannot use that but the research revealed otherwise. In this case, it has been based on a networking diagram from Cisco with a close to a real-world scenario. Also, it has been based on Teesside University on a much smaller scale. This is because I am familiar with the general idea and structure of the network thanks to the gained knowledge from relevant modules. You can find in the attachments my work as well as the accompanying, main highlights of the report that explains why the research paper was done, the issues such as the fact that the testing methodology has changed from doing the tests in a virtualised environment to doing it all in theory. But also, a discussion about what each threat model gave results-wise and why it should be used by an ethical hacker.

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