Project Description: Planet Dyploon world design 

My project is a world design which is an invented planet called Dyploon where I made concepts for a certain biome. In order to characterize this biome well, I have chosen 6 key concepts that represent essential aspects of this world, who lives in it and which manner. The concepts are an environment, a chart of various vegetation, a wild creature, a developed alien race, the living spaces of the alien race and a illustration depicting an interaction between the alien race and the wild fauna. The organisms in this world are insect-like invertebrates and I used mainly beetles as an anatomical inspiration, but also spiders and grasshoppers. The vegetation is a combination of plants and fungus and the biome designed in this project is a swmp. This project’s outcomes are all 2D renders, however I used 3D bases for 3 of them: the House, Predator Creature and Humanoid Creature; which were produced in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot. The concept pipeline is a full process beginning with thumbnails and iterations and being finalized using photobashing and hand painting.


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Alien House Design
Showcase of my project's outcomes
Sentient Alien Species Design
Wild Predator Design
Environment Design depicting swamp biome form planet Dyploon and some inhabitants
Illustration depicting meeting between the main alien species and a groups of wild creatures
Alien Vegetation Design from planet Dyploon
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