For my final masters project I have developed a dungeon generation system. This system has multiple features;

  • World options
  • World saving/loading
  • World removal
  • Room generation
  • Path generation
  • Custom tiles
  • Crafting
  • Digging/Placing tiles
  • Survival/Creative mode
  • Inventory management

The generation system works my taking a random point within the dungeon borders and randomly choosing what type of room to build. These room types include;

  • Square
  • L-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • Diamond
  • Circle

After the rooms have been generated the rest of the tiles are filled with wall tiles that the player can break.

Each tile can have its attributes modified. Some of these attributes include;

  • Name
  • Sprite
  • Drop amount
  • Spawn chance
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Speed
  • Colour
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