Type your exhibition title in the ‘Add title’ box followed by – your name. Please use capital letters.


Project Description

The content of your post is flexible, but we recommend for your ‘Expo’ post that you begin with your project description.

Here is a link to the 2019 ExpoTees brochure to see examples.

Adding Images

Under the Add Title box, you have the ‘Add Media’ button. Click it, then in the upload section you can drag and drop the files you wish to upload

  • If your image is over 800 pixels wide we recommend going to the bottom right of the ‘Add media’ window and changing the ‘Size’ from ‘Full Size’ to ‘Large’. And in the ‘Link to’ option selecting ‘Media File
  • This means that a reader can click on the image in your post to see a larger version of your file
  • We realise that you might have detailed work that you want to display at a higher resolution – we recommend adding these as a PDF which your viewer can then download and look at in closer detail (see attaching PDFs below)
  • Once images are added to your post you can go back and amend details by selecting the image – at the top you should be able choose an alignment option or click on the pencil to get other options


Adding a Gallery

If you have more than 5 images in your post and wish to make it look more organised you can add your images into a slideshow gallery by doing the following.

  • Position your cursor where you want the gallery to be
  • Click Add Media
  • Then on the left site of the window click Create Gallery
  • Upload any files you need or select any existing files you wish to use (a tick will appear in the top corner of each image you select)
  • Click ‘Create New Gallery’, in the Gallery settings on the right hand side, change ‘type’ to slideshow. Then click ‘Insert Gallery’

  • Your gallery will appear as a row of images – this is normal. If you click preview on the right side of your screen. You should now see a slide show gallery in your post

Adding a Banner

If you wish to add a slim banner at the top of your page it can be produced in Photoshop.

  • Create a canvas in Photoshop of 768 x 80 pixels – Be creative but keep it relevant
  • Upload and insert the banner into your post as you’ve done with other images

Adding a Video

Videos should be uploaded to our Vimeo page so we can manage them. To do this:

  • Save your Post
  • Click on your control panel at the top left of your page
  • Scroll down to ‘Manage My Content’ and click ‘Add Vimeo Video’

  • Give it a suitable ‘Video Title’ and description
  • Drag your video into the drop zone. Click Submit
  • When the progress indicator reaches 100% you will be given a link (you should also receive an email with this link)
  • Take a copy of the link. Go back to your post, place the cursor where you wish the video to be inserted – then paste the link

  • The video placeholder should appear
  • When you ‘preview’ your post you will be able to play the video
  • The video may take time to be processed so don’t worry if it says ‘Sorry’ for a while – it will refresh displaying a frame from your video
  • If you have a problem with Vimeo uploads try another browser

Attaching PDFs

  • Supplementary information can go in attached PDFs, code segments or high detail elements of your artwork for example
  • Photoshop can export PDFs, Word and Adobe InDesign can do multipage PDFs – Please try to optimise them for web use (PDFs are often used for print and can therefore be large files)
  • You can attach PDFs using the Add Media button – upload and insert in the usual way
  • If you would prefer this to say ‘Portfolio’ for example. Click on the URL and select the pencil icon to edit, then the cog icon
  • Delete the ‘Link Text’ and type ‘Portfolio’. Under ‘Link Text’, tick the ‘Open link in a new tab’ box
  • Previewing your post you should be able to click on ‘Portfolio’, it should open a new window or tab with your PDF in it


Categories and Tags

  • On the right hand side scroll down to ‘Categories’. In the ExpoTees section choose the appropriate section for your course, ‘Games & Concept Art’ for example

  • Below ‘Categories’ you can add ‘Tags’ as you see fit but keep them relevant.


Featured Image

  • The featured image section is also on the right side of the screen – you will need to scroll down to it.

  • A featured image is important as it is the first visual impression that anyone interested in your project will see before they click to view your post.
  • The featured image may also appear on the front page of the ExpoSeries site in the Carousel of posts. Featured Images must be 800×445 pixels in size.
  • In Photoshop – Create new, set units to pixels then type 800 in the width and 445 in height, click ‘create’ then paste in your images and resize as appropriate. Save as a jpg file. Click on the ‘set featured image’ button and upload your new jpg file.


Preparing to Publish

  • When you ‘Preview’ your post you will notice that elements of your profile are added to the footer of your post – including your photo and the social media and portfolio links you added earlier, check these are correct and make any amendments in your profile
  • Your post will update automatically
  • You can save your post at any time from the ‘Publish’ panel on the right hand side. You can log back in later and alter/update your post as you need to, your post will be visible in the ‘Posts’ section of the Control Panel. So don’t feel you need to complete it all in one attempt.

  • When you have a post prepped and checked its time to put it forward for publishing
  • In the Publish settings on the right hand side of your post – Change the Status from ‘Draft’ to ‘ExpoTees Module’. Click Ok, then above click ‘Save as ExpoTees Module’
  • Once your post has been moderated it will appear in the ExpoTees section of expo.tees.ac.uk
  • If there are any problems, you might be contacted by a moderator to make changes to your post. If this happens, you will notice the status has been set back to ‘Draft’. When you have made the amendments, change the Status from ‘Draft’ to ‘ExpoTees Module’
  • Click Ok, then above click ‘Save as ExpoTees Module’. This will make it visible to the moderators again for publishing

If you need any further assistance, please contact scedtaurorahouse@tees.ac.uk for help

Good luck!

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