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Expo Talent


Mohan Babu Rajavelu


Batch Number: BITD2221A

Event Guide App:

This is the app I created to see student projects; it also contains information on student projects and visitor information. It was created using PowerApp and Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server has been used to create the app’s database, which will then be connected to PowerApp. The application will be modified to make it more user-friendly using PowerApp.

The app’s primary goal is to During this event, I want to create a digital guide application that will direct attendees, staff members, and students. it will also enable the user to take notes and Rate the Students work.

My software should handle and inform attendees of the event. It features a list of exhibitions to help people navigate it. The usage of an app to display student work is the main objective of this application.

It offers visitors the ability to filter student work and the choice to rate student work. Users can also comment on the display. Save the illustrations from a display. This programme also includes student data, images, and a tonne of other information.

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