ExpoTees has been described as a goldmine for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Teesside University that are in their final year. Students will have the chance to showcase their learning experience to employers from companies that are looking for exciting and hungry prospects to recruit. However, the old method of brochure paper copy displaying the exhibition isn’t effective for the employers as it’s quite a hassle for them, and also with technologies advancing, the employers are expecting a digital guide.

The purpose of this application is to provide just that, it will provide a hassle-free and user-friendly digital guide to the event which allows visitors to access the list of exhibits that are registered in the exhibition catalogue and allow visitors to rate and take notes of the student’s work via cloud storage.

Inside the app I created, it consists of features such as:

  • View student work on the app
  • Filter student work by subject area
  • Search student entries for keywords entered by the user
  • Mark student work as ‘viewed’ when they’ve visited them at
    the exhibition
  • Rate the student work using ratings from 1 – 5
  • Add comments against an exhibit
  • Store photos of an exhibit
  • Store student contact details either as text or take a photo
    of a business card.
  • Email student
  • View tweets from @expotees
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