DELIA NADOLEANU – Games Designer

Games Design


Description: Robber Duck is a 3D stealth game, focused on accessibility. The objective of the game requires the player to sneak around security guards and museum cameras and loot or destroy the museum artifacts, as per game mode of choice. The game has been created in Unity, and my contribution consisted of creating the concept art, 3D Assets, Game Logo, Tutorial Slides and the Sound Design.

Download link:


Octopi my Heart

Description: Octopi my Heart is a 2D educational game, focused on narrative and dialogue, created in Unity.

Download link:

In-game screenshots:


Jailbreak Runner

Description: Jailbreak Runner is an infinite runner game available on PC and mobile, which simulates a prisoner’s attempt at escaping from jail.

In-game screenshots:

UI Design:

The Ragpicker

Description: The Ragpicker is a FPS based on the Aztec legend with the same name, for which I have designed the first level.

In-game screenshots:

Download Link:

Games Management and Preproduction documents



I am a creative, communicative and versatile game designer. I am highly skilled in level design, visual development and graphic design. I enjoy working in teams and receiving feedback on my work in order to further increase the quality of my work. I am an energetic and passionate hard working individual.


Teesside University, MCA Game Design (2020-2022) 

This course has introduced me to Unreal Engine and Unity, and allowed me to simulate a team-focused working environment for developing games, designing levels and characters, as well as managing both team and individual projects. 


Game Group Project: 87.5 (Individual Submission: 97.0) 

Advanced Game Mechanics: 82.0 

Advanced Mission Design: 74.0 

Expected overall grade: First

Sheffield Hallam University, BA Animation (2015-2018) 

Throughout this course, I have gained practical knowledge underpinning the subject of digital animation and the production pipeline. This 3 year course gave me an amazing insight into designing and creating content with the audience in mind.



➔Level Design

➔UI & UX Design

➔Project Management 

➔Playtesting and iteration

➔Design Documentation 

➔2D Asset Creation 

➔3D Asset Creation

➔Visual scripting 

➔C# Programming 


➔Unreal Engine


➔Adobe Creative Suite 

(Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects)

➔Autodesk (3dsMax, Maya) 

➔Visual Studio Code 


➔MicrosoftOffice Suite

Work experience

Teesside University, CreatorLab Fellow (January 2021 – July 2021) 

As part of the CreatorLab project, I have researched, designed and ultimately improved the UI and UX of the students’ induction web pages.

Focus Fotos, Digital artist and photo/video editor (October 2019- January 2020) My responsibilities included portrait photography,video editing, stage design and content promotion.

Deells Art, Freelance Artist (January 2017- present) Working for different organisations and individuals,I have been producing prints,portraits and animations, as well as offering design services. Two highlights of my freelance work included creating the promotional posters and programmes promoting a sports charity for Weston Park Cancer Charity in Sheffield called “7ft Cup” which has raised over £2500 and being featured in exhibitions such as “Mutations’ in Leeds.

Megawear Marketing, Content Creator and Website Manager(2016-2019) Tasks for this position included producing professional marketing artwork along with managing the company’s websites, making use of my skills in asset creation, presentation, commercial graphic design and communication.

Volunteer Experience

Teesside University, Course Representative(September 2020-May 2022)

My Course Representative responsibilities consisted of attending meetings with the Students Council, discussing innovative ways of improving the course and the overall experience of the students enrolled, as well as passing on anonymous student feedback for each module to the lecturers. 

Animex 2021, Red Shirt Volunteer (June 2021-June 2021)

My volunteer role consisted of informing the attendants of upcoming talks and workshops that might be of interest to them, engaging in conversations and monitoring the event main chat.


In my spare time, I play PC or board games. I also enjoy reading fantasy and mythology books, as well as looking for inspiration by researching the history of other cultures and spending time outdoors hiking, jogging or skate trailing. 

References available on request.


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