ExpoTees Guest App – 2nd Year Project Danilina Elizaveta

The following is the ExpoTees application that I create, manage and develop for my 2nd year project. The application was developed using Microsoft PowerApps with SQL Server Database that was used as a backend.


The purpose of this project is to create an application for ExpoTees. The main goal of this application is to provide a digital guide to the event for visitors which will allow them to rate the work and make notes and to give an opportunity to students to submit their work. The application will accomplish certain objectives: advertisement, promotion, supplement. Furthermore, this application will help companies to find new ambitious workers, and students to find good and reliable work in big companies.

What the application can do is:

  1. View student work on the app
  2. Filter student work by subject area
  3. Search student entries for keywords entered by the user
  4. Mark student work as ‘viewed’ when they’ve visited them at the exhibition
  5. Rate the student work
  6. Add comments against an exhibit.
  7. Store photos of an exhibit.
  8. Store student contact details either as text or take a photo of a business card. Both options should be available.
  9. View tweets from @expotees


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About me

Course: Bachelor of Science (Honours) Information Technology

Biography: Hello My name is Liza, I am a second-year student of Bachelor of Science (Honours) Information Technology. I have completed many IT courses in Russia and graduated Higher Diploma in Information Technology in Singapore. I am open to new knowledge, so I think it is not the end in my education path.

IT Proficiencies/Programming languages: C++ / Python 3 / JavaScript / C# / SQL / HTML / CSS

Application development tools: Microsoft Office / Visual Studio / Qt Creator / Oracle VM VirtualBox/ COMPAS-3D / PyCharm CE / VMware Workstation / MySQL Workbench 8.0 CE / Arduino UNO / IDLE / WordPress / Microsoft PowerApps / SQL Server 2018 / MongoDB

Interests: Exploring into new trends and technologies, play acoustic guitar and violin, speak 3 languages (English, French and Russian) and love exploring new hobbies and sports.

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