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ExpoTees – Kent Bryan Tonardy

This application is created for employers to have an easier time taking notes and checking student attendance during the expotees,

The application was developed using Microsoft PowerApps with SQL Database.

Opening Screen

Login Screen

Register Screen

Employer Screen (Can edit student works)

Student Screen (Can only change Project_Title)

Rating Screen

What the application can do is:

  • Allow employer/student to register their account/information
  • Allow employer/student to login using the account/information they have registered
  • Allow Student to Edit their Project_Title
  • Allow employer to edit the student’s work
  • Allow employer to rate the student’s work
  • Show ExpoTees Tweets
  • Show employer/student’s profile

The following information will be stored by the application’s connection to SQL Management Studio’s SQL backend database:

  • Student’s Information
  • Employer’s Information
  • Rating


Biography: Hello, my name is Kent Bryan Tonardy from P1078795/SIDI2009051609




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