Project Description: Project Travelers Core Concept Art

As my final year project, I partnered with Sofia Correia to create the foundation for a game we called “Project Travelers”. It is a roguelite adventure/survival game set in a cute and cheerful fantasy world that is suddenly attacked by a mysterious curse. The game starts soon after the player finds a Wanderer, a magical house that once belonged to a wizard, and enters it. Once in, the Wanderer magically transports the player into a new world free from the curse, where they can explore, gather resources to survive and find new friends. But soon, the curse shows again and the player is forced to run once more. The goal is to survive and discover the cause of this curse and how to free everyone from it.

Every time a new Traveler or Wanderer is found, it will be available as a starting option on the next playthrough.

This gallery is my contribution for the project, including playable characters, a Wanderer, dioramas and some items. Some of the sketches are included at the end.

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