Project name: A Place Hidden by the Gods

This project is my graduation project.
The concept design in this project is for a game that I have been conceiving.
The setting of this game is that of the main character, a boy, who lives in a world dominated by technological developments. The style of this world is oriental cyberpunk, a world where there is absolutely no faith, no gods, no elves. No unreal creatures exist here.
This is the premise of the story: one day the boy goes to his grandparents’ (deceased) house to sort out old belongings when he finds a dry well in a small house in the garden. As he looks down into the borehole, his foot slips into it.
The story that follows is like Alice in Wonderland. The boy wakes up to find himself in another world. This world is the “opposite” of the world he once lived in, the complete “opposite” of the world he once lived in. It was hidden and blessed by the spirits, and all the natives of the world were elves and imaginary creatures. The boy wants to find his way home, so the local inhabitants he meets tell him that if he wants to return to the “real world”, he needs to go to the “gate” on the other side of the inner world. So the protagonist sets out on an adventure through this world hidden from the gods as a way to find his way home.

These are some of the concept pieces from my project.

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