Application Overview

The project Freedom of Information is a web application developed to speed up the information requests process from two different APIs. The COVID-19 confirmed cases information provided by the government, and stop and search data supplied by Police. This application is developed using the Flask web framework and it enables the user to access information quicker from the two mentioned APIs and aids to visualize BIG Data graphically. Hence, improves the user’s ability to draw information from the hugely available data.


Application Architechture



Application Modules

The two different search modules are COVID search, Stop, and Search.  The first module COVID search helps to visualize the cases registered for the user-selected area and dates. The information of cases is captured from the API.  The information displayed using the Stop and Search module is being fetched from the police database using API.

1. COVID Search

This module processes the COVID cases information from the given CSV file and provides different plots to visualize.

  • Capture Data:  reads data from CSV and generates plots using aggregations and other inbuilt python libraries
  • Pre-process Data: python code formats the data types, columns, and returns processed data ready to be visualized.
  • Visualize the Data: displays the respective plots for the user given inputs in an HTML page.




2. Stop and Search

This module processes the stop and search by force information from API and presents graphical data using various python libraries

  • Capture Data: gets the data as a JSON object from API and processes it to provide Plots to the user.
  • Pre-process Data: Python code formats the data types, columns using matplotlib, pandas, and other libraries.
  • Visualize the Data: The HTML page displays the respective plots for the user given inputs.


3. Testing

System testing and black box testing were rigorously performed on the developed web application. Error handling with custom error pages was designed for runtime errors if any.


4. Visualization

All graphs and plots were developed using the python flask web framework with appropriate environment-dependent config files. Jina2 templates, HTML, CSS, and many external libraries have been imported to visualise the live data from APIs.

Plots :



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