1. Overview:

With widespread COVID-19 and adapting “new normal” during the pandemic, managing a large volume of “Freedom of Information” work became a new challenge for public authorities. This difficulty includes deciding how to allocate resources and prioritise tasks to support public transparency and safeguard the right to access information. To help with this, a software named “Freedom of Information” was designed to support the public to extract requested information and visualisation. This software is developed to provide information and visualisations about Stop and Search Statistics and COVID-19 cases integrated into one application. The software is written in Python with the support of several open-source libraries for data processing, analysis, and visualisation.

This software contains two key programmings to represent the Stop and Search data by the Police graphically, and COVID-19 Confirmed Cases. In addition, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) was designed by the Tkinter package to make it more user-friendly to interact.

2. Stop and Search: data is automatically retrieved from the public API provided.  The app presents visualisations for the Stop and Searches related information reported by an individual police force for a period or a given month.

  • Stop and Search by time

  • Stop and Search analysis


3. Covid-19: visualise related data of Covid cases in the UK by area and date. It shows the general Covid information for a given period, the daily and the cumulative number of cases of a selected area, and the comparison between two areas.

  • General information

  • Covid cases of an area

  • Covid cases comparison between two areas

4. Demo:

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