Fruits Shopping App

Developed a fruits shopping app where users can order fruits and have them delivered. The app was developed in android studio using kotlin. The app makes use of room database for storing cart items, firebase firestore for storing user registration details (except passwords), order details, and details of the fruit items sold. I made use of firebase authentication service to validate user login details and firebase storage to store images of the fruit items, well-known third party payment service to process payments.

Attached below is a demo of the app in use (NB: the card details used in the video is just a test card provided by the payment service)

Interactive Map

Developed a web-based map for a university project using JavaScript and a JavaScript library (d3js) to show male and female students attendance at Teeside University for the 2018/2019 academic year based on the locations given from anonymised data given using the first half of their postcodes. I got the city names based on the postcodes in the data and displayed the students locations & attendance rate for those cities using circles over the map. I included zooming in, zooming out and panning features, including hovering over circles for more information. You can find and interact with this map HERE . Also below is a short video demo.


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