Throughout my years studying animation, I did not really know what area of animation I wanted to specialise in, however, when the Journeyman module came along in my second year and I got to work on both player and non-player characters for the first time, I discovered a passion for breathing life and a sense of character into the models. This was then amplified during the Beta Arcade module in my third year when I got to create a whole story with my game’s characters and see a set of realistic animations help the characters take shape and develop alongside the rest of the game. Despite this, I found it too tedious and I realised that I enjoyed more stylised hand-keyed animations. So, I wanted to explore my newfound passion and develop a set of game-ready hand-keyed player character animations for my final year project. These animations would be game-ready according to the Unreal pipeline but are rendered out in Maya and compiled into a video in premiere pro.

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