Welcome, the work shown below is my projects during 2 years of Masters Game design study at Teesside University. I tried to design several types of games and GGJ games. All work was made by Unreal Engine 4.

Check more details and other projects in my website: https://xiaobo.carbonmade.com/

FPS Project – Crises Deadzone



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  • Crises Deadzone is a first person survival action game for the PC platform. Players need to escape from an infected ancient Chinese village. Wake up in the village shelter, complete a series of tasks through various prompts, and finally escape.
  • The level is made with unreal engine 4, written with blueprints scripting and other tools, and some model materials and animations are used. Various interactive contents of the game, UI interface, level design and mission design are all created by me.
  • The level design facilitates gameplay, including interconnected rooms, secrets, lockable areas, enemy spawning and set pieces.


2D Action Game – Paper Man


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  • Paperman is a 2D action game in which is made by UE4, I used blueprint to write all the script.
  • Players will control a man who is made by the paper as he makes his way up a platform while avoiding sort of deadly obstacles.
  • Except jumping and wall jump paperman can glide in the air for a while cause paper is soft and slight.
  • I designed the level, various mechanics, UI, check point system and enemy which make the game more playable and fun.


Puzzle Project – Zelda Mechanic

Zelda Mechanics

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  • This project is a puzzle game that players use three kinds of magic to solve puzzles.
  • There are three main game mechanisms: icicle magic, magnetic magic and static magic.
  • Players can switch to the required abilities at the right time. With each capability, the interface changes to different colours and sounds.
  • The main inspiration of the game comes from the legend of Zelda, the rest of the wilderness, temple solution.

Try to play here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YcnDioDTbFrF3J74MfRto3s_gX0IDSXe/view?usp=sharing

2021GGJ(Global Game Jam) – HOPE


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This is a third-person RPG game in which the player lights the street lights through the collected energy in a foggy street, thereby reaching the energy start station of the city, lighting up the entire city

Hope is an active stealth game. You will set off with a light device and explore the foggy and unlit streets. You need to collect seeds of light to fill the light device, then use the remote control to light up the street lights and use the light beam to protect yourself. During the journey, the air will be full of power monsters. Once you are in the fog and approach the power monsters, they will come to snatch your light seeds. At this time, only under the protection of the beam, you can be spared. Your goal is to carry the full collection of light to the energy power station in the center of the city. Only when you activate it, the city will recover.

My Responsibilities: level design (block out and design),  set monster ai and seeds, sound design.

GGJ site: https://globalgamejam.org/2021/games/hope-6


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