My final year project that I am currently working on is about a Credit Card Sized Contact Free Tool. At the same time I am working on launching it as a product under the start up name HandyCard. HandyCard is an Antimicrobial Touchless EDC Tool that gives you the option to open and close doors without touching the handles with your fingers, it is especially designed for round door knobs as currently existing tools do not cover that area. It is also a multitool that serves various other purposes when the door opener feature is not needed. In the current times, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt the need to create something that will make people more aware about the surfaces they come in contact with on the daily in public spaces . Since the material make up of the design has antimicrobial properties, most bacteria (*not all) cannot survive more than four hours under normal light and even less than an hour under UV light.

Below is a demonstration of how it would open round door knobs of various sizes.


Performance testing was done in public and around the house to demonstrate its uses. (Prototypes were used for the testing so would not look exactly the same as in the picture)

A collage of images is shown below to give an idea where it can be useful in different applications.

The blueprint below shows its various functions.

The product has a registered design and also has a patent pending.

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