Have You Heard The News? – Hannah Conway

My name is Hannah Conway, the founder and editor of ‘Have you Heard the News?’

Project Description –

Have You Heard The News? is my final year project that I have been working on since February and it is something that I am very proud to have produced. The website is a multimedia-based website that contains positive news stories from in and around the Teesside Area.

I have a passion for telling stories, especially those ones that I think should and need to be heard – i.e those are not normally recognised by the mainstream news channels.

What is the website about?- 

I started this website with the intention to bring positive news to your screens in a time of uncertainty and doubt. With negative news flowing through timelines up and down the country, I want to bring a website that provides news to inform you, but also put a smile on your face.

That is why Have You Heard the News? aims to provide the positive and relevant stories that you want to hear about. From sport to politics, I aim to cover a wide range of topics to keep you engaged with News.

Have You Heard The News? Promo Video- 

Please access all articles via the Have You Heard The News? website.

I hope that you enjoy my project just as much as I have enjoyed making it.


Hannah Conway

3rd Year Journalism Student, Teesside University.


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