This is a master’s project on the VFX pipeline module, and it is made to create buildings out of data
collected from the Open Street map. The pipeline is between Houdini and Unreal engine, but some
textures used in Houdini were created in Substance while the textures used in Unreal was generated
from Quixel Megascans.

Data from the open street map is used to procedurally generate buildings, streets and other props
required to visualize and explore the city in 3D. This tool is taken into unreal and can be further
developed to incorporate VR for viewing or into a game design.

The city is generated procedurally hence allowing for variety according to
the parameters set by the user. e.g. height of the buildings, type of buildings, window arrangement, type
of doors, the width of streets, etc.
This tool is available for use both in Houdini and Unreal engine to generate cityscapes and can be used in
other projects or games.

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