The information request project is user-friendly software created using the core Python language and libraries. It is an interactive application based on the Python Tkinter graphical user interface. It provides the user with information on Stop and Searches statistics and Covid-19 statistics in the United Kingdom.

    The project includes a Read Me file that provides a comprehensive overview of the project and how end-users will access the application.

This part of the project uses the United Kingdom Search and Stop API to provide statistics, analysis, and time-based comparisons of  different police forces.

Tab1: Police Stop and Search Request
Result of Stop and Search Request 1
Result of Stop and Search Request 2


The second tab of the Information Request application Extracts, Pre-processes, and Analysis Covid-19 cases across the UK to provide end-users with insights and visualization.

Tab2 : Covid-19
Plot 1: Daily Cases
Plot 2: Aggregated Total Cases
  • Application Testing

The Information Request Application was tested using both unit and Backbox testing to ensure flawless functionality.

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