Kyle Davies – Game Design/Programming Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. The work shown below was work completed during my Masters study and personal/professional projects post study. My main focus in my work is the use of C# coding in unity engine but I have skills in various other areas using other pieces of software. The work shown below is my Masters project “Mr Pixfoot”, my company’s ongoing project “Flatpack’D” and a personal voice controlled tower defence project.



The Mr Pixfoot project was a research project looking into the validity of using games as a marketing tool for small bands and artists. The research was based around a created project “Mr Pixfoot” in which I worked alongside a local band to build a game based around the music they were wanting to promote. In this case the band wanted to promote a Chip Tune EP they had created and so the game was made accordingly. The embedded video shows a full playthrough of the game, menu options, various mechanics, and also the music and sound effects (Created by Kie Davies) that were added.



The Flatpack’D project began in my first term of Masters and was the first full game experience I created. The game gives the player control of a sentient box brought to life by a mad scientist, who must complete puzzles and find his way through each level to uncover the secrets of his creation and his purpose. The video below shows a demo created by myself at “Totally Wizard Games” with some of the mechanics that will be used in the game. All of the assets and artwork included were outsourced for this project.



The video below is a short clip of a voice controlled tower defence game I am creating. All actions shown in the clip were triggered with voice commands with further actions being available and not shown. The project will aim to improve graphically and offer a wider control over the characters.


A link to a full portfolio of my work is below, with videos of my projects throughout my Masters, some personal projects, and some audio based projects. 


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