I have always had a strong love for dinosaurs and 2D animation/games, so during my first project in my third year of university I took the opportunity to create a 2D animation/gaming concept based around a prehistoric world – focusing on the emotions and expressions of the characters I was creating, along side storytelling and creating storyboards. I named this project ‘Lost in Time’.

The aim of this project was to test and improve myself on my story telling skills and expressions of emotion. Gaining and drawing out emotions from viewers of my work something I enjoy doing, and I wanted to tell an emotional story of the main character and on little companion trying to survive in a dangerous world, and the bond they both shared.

Throughout the project, it will show the stages of development to both characters and the key scene I wish to show them in. I also explain and demonstrate my key sources of inspiration in terms of art style I want to progress in, and the direction of what industry I wish to travel into.


For a more in dept look into this project, please feel free to follow this PDF link:

Proffessional Practice – Elizabeth Baker

Have a wonderful day!

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