Luminous is a made up open-world game, where you play as a magician who uses light magic to heal the dead land. The player will have to defend themselves against creatures and travel through treacherous environments. The narrative behind the game is that the darkness (unexplained natural disaster) has taken over and is tuning lush landscapes into dead barren land. To stop it from spreading to the protagonist’s village they sold their sight to gain light powers to heal the land before the darkness takes over their home. To help the protagonist a small moth-like creature leads them through the terrain making small noises to help guide them. 

I envisioned my project to be a AAA fantasy game as I’ve always been a massive fan of the dark fantasy genre. Most recently before this project began, I had been working on highly detailed illustrations pieces for board games and card games. I wanted to expand my capabilities and tailor them to different game mediums and push myself to make my artwork functional within a game setting. I wanted to continue with a realistic style incorporating painterly elements to give it an illustrated touch.

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