This project was created to further advance my knowledge with regards to fluid simulation. After doing small scale and medium scale fluid simulation like boiling water and water fountain, I wanted to do large scale simulation, which led me to ocean simulation.

Creating wide ocean was pretty simple as Houdini had all the pre-sets available. The Ocean simulation will be used in creating foam, guiding flip simulation, creating wind forces, and wet maps.

As I mentioned creating and rendering wide was too simple for my final year project therefore I decided to add object that would make the shot look interesting.

I decided to add cliff which interacts with ocean giving a nice splash but for that to happen I had to use the ocean spectrum that I created previously to guide the flip simulation.

To further improve the fluid simulation, I introduced wind forces to add rolling waves on top of guided fluid.

This flip simulation was further used to create white water as well as wet map to give it a realistic look.

Below is the final product.


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