Mellas’ Castle is a level design project taking place within a large castle that has many hallways and rooms that have been long abandoned and waiting to be explored. I’ve always had an interest in level design that is straightforward but actually offers many different routes and rooms that can take someone away to go explore, and this was the case with Mellas’ Castle. Taking huge inspiration from Dark Souls, the goal was to create a level that had that feeling of open freedom rather than going from point A to point B and having many different rooms in a way to tell a story through the use of assets and props. While this was created to an environment I had also added some gameplay into the project, and like with the layout design, the gameplay was also heavily influenced by Dark Souls to coexist with the environment, that goes down to both the combat and the movements, the project has a lone knight that is roaming the abandoned castle and fighting off enemies as they explore.

Mellas’ Castle was created through the use of Unreal Engine 4 as a way to show off my skills and abilities that I had accumulated as a level design during my years at the university and previous years prior, starting off with a basic block-out and gradually working my way to create the project seen before you. During development, I managed to find new skills both through the lighting and animation, the lighting was through the use of a post-process and – like with the assets – was created using influenced with my inspired game to keep that gloom and dread feeling that the Souls series has been known for, and new animations were created for the characters seen in the video through the use of UE4 blend space.

The pictures below are examples of what Mellas’ Castle has to offer.

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The video below is a walkthrough of my project. Edited down so it doesn’t take too long. Not only will the environment be shown, but the gameplay I’ve created will also be showcased. Enjoy!

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