For my final year project, I created an android application that would allow users to keep track of the books, shows and movies that they wish to keep track of using The Movie Database’s (TMDB) API and Google Book’s API. I developed this application as it was an opportunity to create something unique, as there are websites and applications that allow users to track books like Goodreads, or shows and movies like, but there is not a website or application that does both.

The application allows the user to keep track of the books, shows and movies in six different lists. For books they can track them in a plan to read, reading or read list. For shows and movies, the user can track them in a plan to watch, watching or watched list. The user can also see information on the books, shows and movies such as the release date and summary, and can also give each piece of media a rating, which will then be shown on the piece of medias page. The user can also get recommendations based off the genres of the media in their lists in the discover pages. Lastly the user has a profile page where it will provide information on the amount of books read/shows watched, the average of the scores they have given, as well as the date joined.

  1. Search Page

2. Search Book Page and Search Show/Movie Page

3. Book Information Page and Show/Movie Information Page


4. Discover Page

5. Discover Books List and Discover Shows/Movies List

6. Lists Page

7. Read List and Plan to Watch List

8. Profile Page

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