“It is the year 2133, an emergency distress signal has been picked up coming from a nearby research facility ship. It is up to you to board the ship and prevent the reactor from melting down.”

Mutation is a third-person shooter, horror game, built within Unreal Engine 4, based on the popular Dead Space franchise. The player will fight countless mutated shipmates as they work their way through the rooms and corridors to discover the source of the corruption and prevent the reactor from exploding. Through the use of diegetic UI, sounds, and in-game events, the player will become fully immersed in the gameplay.

The focus of this project was to demonstrate my skills and knowledge in level design, from block-outs to asset placement and level flow, creating a piece that could fit into any modern-day horror game. With the levels built, the next step was to focus on mechanics to bring the environment to life, through the use of cutscenes, events, enemies, doors, etc.

Below are screenshots of the environment within Mutation.

The videos below contain the trailer, and also a run-through of gameplay.


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