Path of Blood – Concept Art Project

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About the project

I will be demonstrating a wide range of character designs from my sci-fi, fantasy world done in 2D. It’s going to be a narrative-driven game or a short TV series, where different fractions have conflict and fight with each other. This is a dystopian world set in the year 2050 New York, a world where vampires are well known by the public for centuries and problems grew to a global scale where their population is rising to a dangerous size.

Here I will present a slideshow for each fraction.

The Vampires Elite :

Vampires are divided into two big social groups. ,, The Elite’’ a monarchy, super powerful and cunning masters who swim in their riches and play with peasants or livestock. They are the highest vampires in the ranks of Dracula’s blood successors. Each one of them is a leader of their own branch and together they rule the vampire world.

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The Order Of Saints:

The organization is known as an ,,Order of Saints’’ that is leading the peace in the world as an uniter of all countries and protectors of humanity. They have forces focused on defeating vampires, skillful ,,holy knights’’ who wields pure and saint energy to fight their foes, vary in skill assets and weaponry which are mostly adjusted to their lineage. They are cold and cruel in reality, only showing a nice face in public. They experiment not only on captured vampires but on their own members as well to enhance their potential.

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Gang called ,, Lost Souls”:

Another group is Lost souls, this gang is full of street dogs, victims of elite’ games, and the Order of Saints purges, without home or place to stay they wander and unite here, where they can find a place to belong to and purpose. A man called Baron is a refuge for all lost vampires and provides them a new beginning along his side. All together are committing crimes and spread chaos wherever they are to let go of their squashed anger and fury.

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Sketches and development 

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