Visual Novel Art

I’ve always found passion in art, and three years ago began working on digital art, however, it was of very poor quality. I’ve been practicing and working on this in my spare time for the last three years, and am constantly striving to improve. I’ve been unable to justify the cost of a graphics tablet so far, and so all of this work has been done using a mouse and keyboard in Photoshop.

Since beginning digital art I’ve become very comfortable with Photoshop and its capabilities, but am still pushing myself to learn more, and plan to progress my understanding of colour theories, how to create mood with colours and how I can overall develop my skills.

Any advice, suggestions or general feedback on these images is greatly appreciated.


UE4 Steam Supported Multiplayer Project

This project is currently shelved until deadlines are completed, but has been something I’ve been working on in my spare time. I wanted to gain a better understanding of networking within Unreal Engine and figured I’d attempt to set up a multiplayer game. So far, the project allows a player to host or join a server, and other players can join a hosted server by searching through a list of servers. This is all the project does at the moment, but for now I consider this a personal achievement and have plans to further develop this into a proper game.

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