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PowerApps: ExpoTees Exhibitor App

This post is about ExpoTees Exhibitor application development. This is an individual application that I have developed. This application was developed using Microsoft PowerApps for the front-end of the application and for the back-end I have used MS-SQL server management studio for the database of the application. This application would be used by the employees or recruiters for their talent recruitment for job or project prospects from the university.

This application shows and displays the exhibits which are featured in the talent Expo Event which consists of two days. Day 1 will show the animation, games, and concept art exhibits and Day 2 will display the Computing and Engineering exhibits. Since this application shows all the exhibits which are presented at the ExpoTees event; these will be viewed in the application itself. In basic requirements, this app is an easy tool for recruitment and contact processes for employers.

The application contains a view exhibits page with all the requirements and functions. The exhibits can be sorted through certain filters and exhibits can also be searched through the keywords entered by the employee. They can flag or save the liked exhibits in the application. The recruiters are also able to save the exhibit images as well as the contact details of the student who has made the exhibit. The contact details are saved through either text data or image data of their student’s business cards. This application will also have some tweet notifications as a news feed from the university for certain events occurring in the university. It can also send emails to the students for job recruitment purposes. This application will in the end save the scribbling and hard work required to write in the pamphlets by the employers, as well as improve the recruitment process.

Tools used:
The front end is made through the Microsoft PowerApps which feeds itself the data from the MS-SQL server database made for the application.

About Me:
Hello, My name is Ronak Rajesh Singha Roy, I am a 4th Year student transferred from Manipal Academy of Higher Education and currently finishing my degree in Information Technology. I am hoping to pursue a career in front-end/back-end application development as well as learning game development by myself online.

Language Proficiency: C/C++, Java, HTML CSS and JavaScript.
Database/Structures: SQL, MS-SQL.
Business intelligence tools: Microsoft Power Applications through Microsoft 365.
Application Development Tools: Microsoft PowerApps.
Interests: Exploring new programming languages and using new Technologies. Developing and playing games and reading comics and manga as hobbies.

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