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PowerApps: ExpoTees Exhibitor App

I created and developed the project below for my second-year project, which was called EXPOTEES. The program was created with the help of Microsoft PowerApps and a SQL database.

This site makes it easier for employers to find the students who they have spoken to and was designed to be user-friendly for those who attended the EXPO TALENT exhibition so they can write reviews and rate the student work. The issue with the current EXPO TALENT exhibition is that employers take notes on paper, making it difficult for them to identify the student they have spoken to. This website offers student information via searching schools and courses as well, making it simpler for users to discover students. Users can also do a keyword search on student entries.

The application uses an SQL backend database the application has been connected to SQL management studio this will store:

  • Student Brochure
  • Student work photos
  • Reviews and ratings given by the visitors
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