Road Report Application:


This application is called Road Report. It is a way for the commiunity to influence the way the concil spends money by getting involved with the application. The communitiy involvement drives the data, and the data is then presented in the form of dashboards. This allows the council (who would have access to the dashboard) to view figures and statistics in a dashboard form. This allows those who view the dashboards to be able to make predictions and conclusions based on the community results. For example, if a certain pothole was reported over and over again by different users, the incentive would be to invest money into that area firt as it is causing the most damage.

The application has two levels of user, the normal standard user which can implement incidents within to the database, also reading them and then the administrator user which can Create, Read, Update and Delete incident data into the system. The application front end is made within Microsoft PowerApps, connected to a database withing SQL Server Management Studio and the dashboards have been created within PowerBI.SQL

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