Project Description

Final year project where I created the concept for a survival roguelite co-op game to which I developed the visuals for, along with another student (Ricardo Marques). In this game, the player takes the role of a Traveler of his choice and tries to survive by living in a Wanderer, a magical house which naturaly tries to escape from a dark curse by travelling between worlds. While trying to understand what is going on and search for a solution, the player has to take advantage of the house, building more rooms that will bring new features. When the house decides to stop, the player has to go out to explore, gather resources and even recruit Travelers they meet into their Wanderer, being sure to return home before the house awakes with fear for the incoming curse and leave them behind. Depending on their achievements and Travelers they recruit, new characters and houses will be added to their pool of playable options for the next game, each with their own abilities and gameplay style!

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