In this project I created a potential alternative Iceland featuring a creature and a character that fit into an environment.

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For the creature I combined elements of existing animals that live in Iceland and other northern regions, mostly Icelandic sheepdogs and horses. I wanted to make sure it could realistically live in a cold and snowy environment, and also considered how it might interact with humans e.g. used for transportation like pulling sleds, or used for its fur like sheep are used for wool. I looked at Icelandic sheep and other animals like reindeer and antelope for the horns, but developed them further to add interest. The creature also needed to be sturdy and adaptable, similar to a goat, and able to move around safely in a more dangerous environment.

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When designing the character I first researched traditional Icelandic clothing and used the shapes and colours of those clothes to bring into the final design, but I wanted to make sure it looked modern and futuristic while still practical and warm. I also took into consideration the colours of the environment and how they might want their clothes to help them camoflague, and if they used fur from the creature how would that affect the colour of their clothes as well.

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I knew I wanted the environment to look more traditional but with a futuristic twist, so I looked into Icelandic architecture and chose to create a small village of huts. I also designed them to look slightly like fish which would have been a very common source of food, so I believe their buildings would reflect this and include those elements. For the twist I came up with the idea that in this alternative world they have been able to harness the power of the northern lights (aurora borealis) and they use this to power electronics and to give them light which is very beneficial in the darker months of the year.

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