Restaurant Management System – Final Year Project Matthew Moore

The following is a restaurant management system that I designed and developed for my final year project. The application was developed using the Microsoft PowerApps with SQL Database being used as the backend and Power Bi being used as a business intelligence tool build into the application.


The problem with current restaurant management systems today can be down to a number of reasons there is wide range of different restaurant management systems that are available on the market but most of them are point of sale systems.

These type of systems do have flaws such as:

  • They are internet based so they need an internet connection to be able to use
  • they have ongoing costs
  • Software upgrades can be expensive
  • If it is a subscription based POS system can have ongoing fees on top of other costs
  • Has some minor security risks.



The aims and objectivates of my final year project was to design and develop a restaurant management system which will allow a client working in the hospitality industry be able to use the system that to easy to use and understand, have everything that is required within one application. The application was designed and developed for a person in the hospitality  industry to use the application to carry out day to day tasks when required in a bar or restaurant environment.

Log in screen Create New Staff Main Menu
Order Food Order Food Screen Order Drinks
Add/ Remove Meals Add a meal Add/remove drink
Add a drink Montior Food Sales Menu Montior Food Sales
Montior Drink Sales Menu Monitor Drink Sales Create Booking
View Booking Create a payment Success



What the application can do is:

  • Take and view  Table Bookings
  • Ordering Food and Drinks
  • Take customers payments
  • Feature to send food orders to the kitchen
  • Features to send drink orders to the bar

The Restaurant management System uses an SQL backend database the application has been connected to SQL management studio this will store:

  • All menus for food and drinks with prices included
  • Customer bookings
  • Customers Payments

The application has a connection to Power Bi connecter connected built into the application, it takes the data from the Backend Database, the client can:

  • Analysis data from the application
  • Review Food and Drink Sales
  • Food and drink profits
  • food and drink counts
  • Review Food and Drink for each Day , week and month.

About me
Course: Computing in Information Technologies

Biography: Hello My Name is Matthew, I am a third year student currently finishing my degree in computering in information technology and hoping to purse a career in mobile and web application development.

IT Proficiencies/Programming languages : HTML, CSS and Javascript

Databases:SQL , MYSQL , MongoDB

Bussiness intelligence tools: Microsoft Power Bi

Application development tools: Microsoft PowerApps
Interests: Exploring into new trends and techologies. Playing acoustic guitar and doing car photography and videography at car events in my free time.

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