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Animation and Art are universal. They should be able to be viewed, observed and enjoyed by everyone worldwide, and of all ages. It was a goal of mine to obtain the skills and understanding needed to be able to deliver a believable performance regardless of its language and whether or not the piece itself contained dialogue.

Selling a Performance is my final year computer character animation project. My aim was to focus on understanding and implementing the fundamentals of animation, in order to further my capabilities in the types of animations I can produce. The first animation of my project is a body mechanics dance piece, I wanted to create an animation that portrayed a great understanding of weight and the importance of strong posing and correct timings, all while making it appealing and eye catching. Ballet was the perfect choice for me as there were so many intricate details that needed to be perfected in order to look precise that it constantly kept me focused and on my toes. My second piece is an emotional dialogue piece. Despite my love for the idea of art being universal I also wanted to show that lip sync and acting in animation was another skill of mine. This animation had many layers to it and thus many outlets I needed to explore. Not only did the lip sync itself need to be tight I needed to focus on the facial animation, the timings and weight of the body movement as well as the body language itself. This was definitely my toughest challenge yet but I’m extremely pleased with the result and can’t wait to animate more in that field in the future!

My reel below also include clips from my short film project in the first semester ‘The Orb’. This short film included no dialogue and thus all the acting was formulated through the use of body language and facial expressions.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work and I hope you have enjoyed watching my productions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you see anything you’re interested in!


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