Stepping Out! is a mixed media animated short film, combining both 2D animation and stop motion visuals. The short follows my own original story, centering around the struggles of stepping outside of your comfort zone. The film tackles the themes of loneliness, change and moving on. The narrative follows a character living in an underground burrow, symbolising their comfort zone and state of seclusion. The story progresses as they confront their feelings and fears regarding the outside world, coming to terms with their emotions and making the decision to step out.

The project integrates both animation mediums, producing a final product with predominately stop motion backgrounds, with the character animation and other main elements animated in 2D. I designed, directed and animated the film alongside creating the burrow scene which required me to translate my visual style into an entirely handmade set. I animated the 2D elements with a combination of Procreate and Toon Boom Harmony, and captured the stop motion using Dragonframe.

Here is a short video including all of the design work that went into the making of the film:


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