The Empty Reflection – Final Year Animation – JOSEPH PUNTON

Story Summary

“The Empty Reflection” is an animated short about a vampire who desires to be seen as a human.

“The light of heaven burns! I cannot see myself in the darkness”.  He is lost in the dark. Is he a good person or is he an evil person? Who knows.

My animation is about a vampire who desperately wants to be good but his vampiric nature makes it hard for him. I use exciting effects to explore the character’s mind and Toon Booms rigging tools to bring the characters to life (well as lively as an undead monster could be!)

The animation has been created in  2D with sound effects and voice work created by a friend who is an actor and musician – Tony Sharp.

The reason I chose a vampire as my lead character is to explore the base assumptions held by people when it comes to what a vampire represents.  They will almost certainly assume at the beginning that the vampire is evil but over time they will have to question that assertion.  The character in my story is a deconstruct of a vampire, he takes all the things you assume a vampire to be and flips them around. There is also the idea of nature vs nurture, it’s natural for a vampire to want to drink blood and the vampire in my story is so addicted to blood that he can barely stay in the same room as a person.  However, despite this conflict, he feels he needs to overcome this very real addiction so that he can be a good person.  I believe it’s very relatable as many people are addicted to things that are bad for them.


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