The Shamans 

The idea for this project was to create a set of concepts that incorporate lots of colour and life. The briefs themselves involved taking an ancient or lost civilization and using it as a springboard for creating new and appealing designs and concepts. The main focus is that we spend the majority of our time making sure we contextualize the design decisions we make. Allowing the designs to be more accurate and therefore creating an understanding of appealing choices in our future.

The Shamans was a basic story I came up with to hinge a lot of experimental work within, particularly with a colourful yet organic style. the story based upon the classic good vs evil, and how in reality there is a lot more of a blurred line between the two. Through research of spiritual and medicinal means the idea came to be a bridging between the plain of reality we sit upon in our daily lives and the infinite capacity that the spiritual realm gives to us. This lead itself to creating much more creative and unique designs. the whole project itself was a blast to work on and helped me grow my artistic skills greatly.


a wise man who has seen many things. From the births of almost every child in the tribe to the guardian of those on their spiritual journey. Though not the leader he fills a very important role in the tribe, someone who’s wise and wide range of ideas and functions. Mixed with his knowledge of the world and how we play a part within it. Ogima is considered the shepherd of the people. Someone who brings everyone together through his stories and music.

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The Three Masks


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What seemed to be another shaman is actually an embodiment of the lord of the dead, a trickster in many ways, somehow convincing Ogima to drag him from the spiritual realm back to reality. Masaw is an endearing friendly person on the surface, however, his true intent is to bring in balance and chaos to whichever realm he roams. Abusing the trust of Ogima, and now existing in the real world, he becomes a sort of reflection of Ogima, his cruelty, and malice for mankind spills over and start to corrupt the land for generations to come.

When it comes to Masaw’s image within the spiritual realm, it is clear he is a malevolent evil force. His imposing stature and plume of glowing red smoke around him, oozing through the cracks of his scars, bellowing out of the hollow holes within his eyes. He is an all-seeing all-knowing force of pure chaos, twisting and shaping the world as he sees it fit. Within the spiritual realm, he has control over the dead, he represents everything wrong with humanity, a lying trickster using his knowledge for dividing and conquering.

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The Village

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Sketches and Development

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